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We were delighted to receive you in August 2013. Your fantastic feedback encouraged us to take Odessa Calling 2014 to a whole new level.

Today we have to adjust our plans according to the situation here in Ukraine. As you may be aware, Ukraine’s fragile democracy will soon experience a presidential election.

Speedflow's staff - being highly educated, young and dynamic - are extremely keen to be actively involved in the Presidential Elections on May 25th and I feel these actions should be commended.

Great news for active social users! Odessa Calling wants to be even closer to our partners and members and share the best moments of the past and upcoming Events. And now you’ve got an opportunity to follow Odessa Calling on Instagram. Stay updated with the latest news from Odessa Calling. 

Odessa Calling is the first Event for telecom professionals that provides a proved platform for strengthening and developing their relationships across the industry.

But what is the secret of Odessa Calling success?

Our belief is that the best business results are based on strong business as well as personal connections. That is why, we combined our forces to create a relaxed atmosphere where high level executives can easily establish new contacts, mingle with friends and exchange latest news.

We are happy to remind: Early Bird Rate is still at your service as well as the wide range of sponsorship and branding capabilities.

May the 2014 bring you a good chance to generate new business leads, meet new partners and spend time efficiently!

We are happy to inform all the telecom industry members about the beginning of the Odessa Calling 2014 Registration. Odessa Calling 2014 show will take place in Odessa, Ukraine from 26th to 28th of June.

This is an excellent place, where the representatives from European and international companies are capable to immerse themselves into a networking space for three days. The participants will be able to discover the latest and most innovative solutions, arrange meetings and enjoy the social events.

Dear colleagues!

Please visit the Video testimonial Page!

Odessa Calling Committee would like to thank all those who attended Odessa Calling 2013. Due to their continuous support Odessa Calling was such a success.

Odessa Calling brought together 150+ industry Voice/SMS Leaders and professionals from about 90 Voice/SMS Companies. The Event hosted networking sessions and entertainment events throughout the day and night. It gave the attendees from all over the world the opportunity to meet new partners and spend time with peers in formal as well as informal settings.

This was the first event and we are impressed by the number of positive feedback from our participants. They say Odessa Calling set the new standard of hosting events in the whole industry. For example, by sending SMS updates from time to time and giving everyone access to a Coordinator helping out like a Concierge 24/7. We are delighted by the support and will strive ourselves to set the bar even higher for Odessa Calling 2014!

All the testimonials, photos and video footage will be available soon on our website. To keep abreast with the latest news, subscribe us or follow us on Facebook.

Odessa Calling provides tight and eventful business agenda that includes +8 hours of dedicated networking time. We know it is tough work! That’s why Odessa Calling invites you to the Odessa Happening Party at Ibiza Beach Club where you can loosen your tie, grab a drink, and mingle with other attendees.

We are glad that Odessa Calling is supported by telecoms from all over the world and gained a wide recognition among the professionals. We would like to thank our Sponsors for their continuous support.

Odessa Calling Prime Sponsors:
Lanck Telecom
Telasco Communications
Annecto Telecom&Omnia

Odessa Calling Associate Sponsors:
Kwak Telecom
Our Prime Sponsorship is booked. However, you still get become our Associate Sponsor. Odessa Calling offers additional sponsorship opportunities that suit any budget. Check our Sponsorship and Branding Opportunities Brochure.

Odessa Calling is a unique medium for top-level executives from all over the world. The event comprises networking get-together and a range of social events. This is a perfect combination for building and developing business relationships both in a formal and informal environment.

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    Speedflow is a telecommunications services provider and VoIP software products and solutions developer. Company successfully operates on VoIP market since 2004.

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    The flagship software product developed by Speedflow is the Mediacore. It is class 4 VoIP solution with switching, routing, billing, transcoding and, revenue assurance mechanism Guardian. It is a single point of control solution for VoIP carrier business.

    Speedflow also offers:

    • Callmax Class 5 solution with integrated billing and a wide range of features for telecom retail operators (IP PBX, calling card platform, SMS solution).
    • AccuCore - VoIP ERP-system designed for telecommunications service providers.
    • Pay-n-Get - transaction processing system for distribution of any PIN code-related products and services.

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